top Reason to choose a Network Marketing

Are you Ready to Live Life As You Want ?

If Yes,Than read Carefully below article twice,thrice or more.

NowAdays ,Most of Working Professional and students think of starting his or her own business for Freedom from Boss,Financial freedom and For Desire Lifestyle.Network marketing is a business of 21St century.Most people don't know power of network marketing.
If some one wants to understand about network marketing and financial freedom,i will recommend him to read RICH DAD ,POOR DAD book,written by Robert Kiyosaki.
Following are the key point for,why choose Network Marketing ::-

Low Startup Cost .

You can condense a 30 year career into 3-5 years.

No Need of Office /Factory or Working Space,means its Business IN A BAG.

No need of Employees.

You have No Boss.

You have flexible schedule and you can live your desired life style.

Your invested time give you long term benefits.

You can receive all the benefits of traditional business without much more legal documentation and investment.

You will meet many passionate people around you,in other business you will never find such a any people in other profession.

You can touch lives of many people and peoples will give your example in society,means much more recognition everywhere,where you go.

You will earn more money per hour,if you compare total 5 years income of MLM vs traditional Job and Business.

Any person above age of 18 Years in most of countries of world can choose this business part-time or full time with out any risk.

Even You can Read Views On Mlm about world Famous People.

Make Money With Link Shortning Services

Most of the people are on Internet to make money or download Images,Movie and Wallpaper.If you are one of them than Attention Please.

You Can make money on internet without investing single rupees,even you don't need any gimmicks or tricks to make money.One of the tricks to make money with out any more efforts is Make Money with Link Shortning Service.All you need to do follow steps to make money fast.

Make Paypal Account .

1.Make a List of Link shortning Services which pay money via paypal ,and  have minimum Payout.(something like below 5$ Payout).

2.Make a List of trending topics from Google Trend.

3.Find a trending Videos on Youtube.

4.Now Its time to make money with list you made.

5.Make social media accounts on youtube,facebook,twitter,pintrest etc.Now share shorten link on High PR Blogs via commenting,facebook commenting and sharing on big facebook pages.

Such a all this link sharing websites averagely gives 5-8$ per 1000 views.

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How to Start a Fountain Soda Shop Business ?

Starting a small business successfully need a little market research and 2-20 lacs rupees and small space.Even you don't need a any expertice.

Actually ,I am writing this post because,

1.Summer Is started and people wasted money behind bottled drinks.
2.I love to drink regularly soda near my Home.
3.If any educated Person reading this post,he/she may able to invest in this Business,than 1 unemployed person will got a Job because of my effort.

Now come to direct points,
In this competitive times,its not easy to start a Big business,but if you do a little market reasearch than you will be shocked.I am here sharing a Soda shop Business Idea.You can also run a snack shop and tea/coffee cafe along with this Business.

Before starting this Business ,Know about popular Soda flavours available in Market :

To start a Soda shop Business ,you need following items /stuff.
1.100 Sq. ft. rented space / owned space.
2.One wooden table
3.One small sized SS Sink.
4.Soda Fountain Machine
5.Food Licesense
6.Electric connection
7. Plastic tocken / printed tickets
8.Snacks like waffer,Puff,Samosh ,Kachori

Investment :

You need 1.5 - 2 Lacs rupees to start this business.In which 1 lacs for Soda fountain machine and rest for furniture,stand,banner etc.

Return on Investment :

Your total invested money can be earned with in 3 months during summer.or 6 months in other season.
A logic is that you may sell 500 packs of soda a Day in summer at a price of 5 Rs. Of which you will profit 4 Rs. * 500 = 2000 Rs. So in a month your Profit will be 2000*25 Days = 50000 Inr.

So your total Investment could be recovered in 3 Months during summer.

Costing Of Soda Packs (200 Ml Plastic packs) :

Soda Costing
Profit Calculation :

You can  also start  selling Tea - Coffee with this business .All you need to install a tea - coffee vending machine,which is merely cost you 15,000/- Rs Approx.To Know more about this business ,leave a comment below.

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