Thursday, April 2

start a roadside lemon soda shop : profitable summer business in india

today i come up with one more business idea with very low investment for employed of my facebook friend was searching for this idea and i have knowledge about this i think about it and write this complete blog post.if you are thinking of small business idea with low investment than must try.

credit : thehindu

in this summer,tempreture goes very high and hit the environment.most of people you may see roadside drinking juice,lassi ,soda and cold drinks in india.the big impact of my idea is that you can employ a people who is in search of job.all you need 20000 Rs to start a road side soda shop.

what you need to start a road side  soda  shop?

1.A person who can manage roadside cart (find a good one from slum area or a person who is working at someone's shop or laari.)

2.a four wheel cart (find good one from local market or from OLX ,quikr)

3.a mineral water,fresh lemon,masala for soda, molted and boiled sugar,plastic glass,a soda maker (cost you only rs.1800-rs.2500)

How much profit Lies in Road Side Soda ?

Now calculate profit in road side soda shop.a average lemon anywehere in india cost near to rs.10 to rs.20 depend upon area and quality.

a lemon soda making process contains 
1 lemon = rs.1 or rs.2
1 regular soda = 0.80 paisa to rs.2
masala and molted sugar = rs.1to rs.2
plastic bowl = rs.1 to rs.2

so total cost rs.6 maximum and rs.4 minimum 

means you can earn rs.6 per lemon soda by selling it roadside.on average a roadside lemon soda seller sells 100 soda,so total profit by day is rs.600 .monthly total profit is 18000 rs.

if you employ a people for your roadside lemon soda shop and offer them rs.6000 month even though you can beg 10000-12000 rs a month.This is most profitable business in can try with rs.20000 only.many people who are working in manufacturing and IT industry can start this business easily and learn a lesson of enterpreneurship with very little money.

Tuesday, March 31

Quick checklist before you start your journey

All of you know, nowadays people have to travel to much compare 90`s. Some one have to travel for company, some one going to visit exhibition from one state to another, someone going for study and some people have to travel for Business. I am one of I have create a quick check least for all of you.

Please check and Pack all this before you start your may helps you save money and time while traveling.

1. toothpaste
3.tongue cleaner
4.shampoo pouch
5. Sample pack of soap charger and handsfree
8.towel for bath
9. Handcare chief
10.cloth for daily wear and seasonal
12.shocks, shoes and slipper
13 paper Handcare chief
14.paper soap
15.shaving kit
16.body spray
17.atar or perfume gel or hair oil
20.facepack or facewash
21.usb data cable and pen drive if you need
22.shorts or night track pant
23.some tees for wearing while traveling
25.knife to cut fruits
26.dry snacks
27 mineral water bag or jar I'd original as a proof of Indian

And finally one thing comes to my mind after reading so many books and following my friends Facebook group bookwritten is

A best friend - - books to spend time in travelling

I have prepared this list after traveling 30000 kms only during 2014.i have travelling almost 8-9th various Indian States as  a part of my job. You can comments below if I forgot any thing in my travelling checklist.

Tuesday, March 24

get .science domain name for free

after .net domain name for free i mean loot from bigrock,today i come up with free .science domain name which may cost 1.31 pound don't need to pay anything for register .science domain name.if you have unique domain name,you can become millioner overnight.

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Tips for .science domain registration 

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.science domain is new launching from Bigrock india.this domain will surely go up as we are live in era of science and tech.biotechnology,microbiology,ocean,animal,veternary,food,plastic can be good option with .science extension.

Wednesday, March 18

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Friday, March 13

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