Create your own wifi hotspot on Windows 7 or windows 8

Create Wifi on Windows 7/ Windows 8
Some times you are finding for a few shortcuts,specially like when friends meets and all of them need a wifi.At that time you can create wifi using this method.This is one of the best methods to create wifi on windows 7 and windows8. You don't need e of any type of connectivity to create hotspot or wifi on your Windows7/8. you need to do is run this two commands in cmd - 

Open cmd with Run as Administrator. 

1) netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=wifiname key=wifipassword 
2) netsh wlan start hostednetwork Best solution - 

Make a batch file of it and just run the file every time when you start the pc. 

To make a batch file -
 First write the commands on a notepad Then save it with the extension bat. e.g. wifi.bat Your batch file is made and now execute the file with Admin Privileges. 

Important - For this to work, your sharing should be on in network properties for the network/ethernet connection that you want to share through your wifi: 

Go to Open Network and Sharing Centre ->Change Adapter Settings(On left panel) Your wifi hotspot would be Microsoft Hosted Network Virtual Adaptor in the Network Connections. 

Go to the properties of the LAN/ethernet/WiFi connection and make the changes accordingly. Your wifi hotspot would be ready.

How to stop wifi on windows7 and windows8
To stop wifi hotspot ,
Go to CMD - Write the following in command prompt : netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

Google Domain : Google is testing domain name service

Google has just launched its DOMAIN NAME REGISTration service.Its a good news for those who are searching on google for domain name register companies and domain name coupon codes .Ago this Google Domain name launch when you search in google for domain name Google was suggest their partners name with this page. Currently Google Domain name registration service is in Beta Mode.This service is invite mode at the moment.if you want to register domain name with Google,request viA Link to show your intrest. Features of Google Domain Name registration : • $12 domain registrations • no extra cost for private registrations • 100 of free e-mail addresses • sub-domains customization • domain management tools (i.e., CNAME records, etc.) One of the thing I love about Google is Their security feature.Google is trying to make domain name registration system too much easy and also helps to setup 100 E-mail address for free.Google will also provide Phone and E-mail support from Monday to Friday 9AM to 9 Pm EST. Initial inviters who got a code will also get free transfer from their current registrar.Google business policy is transparent compare to other market player. Some one on facebook shared this status after launching of Google Domains.

Books for Railway Recruitment board exam for Assistant Loco Pilot

Are You Ready For Assistant Loco Pilot?

Probably No,Because you need a guide and following books to prepare for Assistant Loco Pilot Exam.I am sharing this post,because i am also going to appear for this exam and i am too much excited.You can ask me any question regarding railway recruitment board exam 2014.

You need following books to prepare for assistant loco pilot exam.

I mostly recommend this book for railway recruitment board exam 2014 and i have also purchased this book.
If You are working professional and no time for reading in detail,than you have to buy this solved papers for RRB Recruitment 2014.

Captain mini tractor price and model

Captain Mini tractor is a one of the renovative tractor manufacturer and leader in the mini tractor and implement manufacturing.They are manufacturing mini tractor ranging from 12.5 H.P. to 16.5 H.P. as per farmers need.They have inhouse research center and R&D team.

Image Credit : Captain Tractors Official
As a Son of farmer ,i can defineatly say,they are innovative people who provide farm mechanisation with modern technology.Captain tractor also manufacturing Handy Reaper and Power reaper to reaping wheat,Corn and seaseme.

Captain Tractors also make 4 wheel drive tractor to drive in Mud,especially in Monsoon,when Big H.P. tractors not works.Captain tractor is  awarded by several state Goverments of India.They have state of the art manufacturing plant located at Shapar Veraval ,Near Rajkot - Gujarat.

Captain Tractors Model :

Captain 120 Di (2 wheel Drive ) - 12.5 HP Range
Captain 120 Di 4WD Drive           12.5 HP Range

Captain 200 Di                                16.5 Hp Range
Captain 200 Di 4WD Drive             16.5 Hp Range

Above All Models come in Blue,Red and Green Color.(No company in india provide color range in Mini Tractor)

Captain Tractor Prices start from only 2,40,000/- thats a good compare to other manufacturer.Captain tractor is known for its Quality Product and 100% customer satisfaction.They also Export their products in 11+ Countries.They are awarded and certified by govt. bodies and agricultural universities.

Official Website :
Facebook Page
Google+ Page    : Captain Tractor on Google+

Benifits of Selling Online

I have just started selling on EBAY,Because benifits of selling online is too much.if you read this full article,you will love and if you crazy about selling than defineatly you will start.

Image Credit

All you need a Passion and.....
 a Internet connection and Laptop/Pc/Android Phone.

A little knowledge about product sourcing from wholeseller.

Benifits Of Selling Online as a Seller :

1.No Need of Huge space on Prime Location.
                                  when we are talking about business ,first key topics comes in mind is Space for Business.but in Online world you don't need any physical place to start your business.All you need a hosting space to host your content and product information storage.

2.No Need of Huge Investment :
                                                    Unlike Offline Business,You don't need a huge investment in Product,You can start with single product and from your home.Only one condition you have to follow in order to profit : Buy in Bulk,sell in online Retail.

3.Serving Worldwide :
                                     As a Online seller,no boundry can stop you to sell your product to your customers really other end of the world.Its amazing.(Specially for Me).As a offline retailer you have some limitation,while in online selling,planet is boundry less.

4.  Sell 24*7 Hours :
                                  With the help of online selling platform ,you can sell your product 24*7 hours without any man power,its really extra advantageous as a online seller.while you sleep,your store is open and money comes in your pocket.

Special Notes :

I can help anyone who wants my help to sell his/her products online,either he/she is a manufacturer /trader or any one.You can contact me on my whatsapp contact number :91 9727836265 or E-mail Me AT